Jim’s first blog post

Hey friends!

It’s New Dylan Jim here! I’m sure many of you who know me well thought this day would never come. For years I was not really up for doing a new album by The New Dylans. I figured it was a big and important chapter in my life, but ultimately one that had ended. I of course stayed in good touch with Reese, the oldest friend I have actually. We had lots of fun together the handful of times he visited me in Nashville post breakup and our relationship has always been great. I guess the countless hours/months/years in a van seeing this country through windows and playing music in nearly every major city in nearly every state in the US together created a beautiful bond we will always have.

When Reese’s wonderful father passed away a few years ago, I began thinking about how much time we had spent together and how much hard work we both put into The New Dylans. I began going back and listening to the albums we made as The New Dylans (something I NEVER do). As a producer (something I’ve done a lot of in my 16 years here in Nashville) I couldn’t help but analyze the production of those records we made. I loved the songs, but not so much the production of them. Talk about an “if I knew then what I know now” moment. Couple that with the friendly yet persistent  “when are The New Dylans going to do another record?” question I would often get asked anytime I had some personal achievement here in Nashville, I began to think seriously about making at least one more record with Reese to leave the legacy we worked so hard to build with a piece of work I could be totally proud of. Reese and I discussed giving it a go, he agreed and as naturally as that, we were off. I recruited my good pals Ken Coomer and Chris Autry to play drums and bass. I asked my good pal Eric Fritsch (whom I work with on most of the production projects I do here) to engineer and co-produce it with me. Reese and I spent the first part of 2014 writing all the songs that would ultimately become our new album “Meta”, our first album of original material in 18 years. So now here we sit, poised to release this new album, one which I am so very proud of. I’m very excited to share the music we have spent the better part of a year creating. It is without a doubt, my proudest musical moment and I’ve been lucky enough to have had my share. The Tennessean (Nashville’s newspaper) has been following the whole journey from day one and the documenting of it can be found here.

We are playing our first  live show here in Nashville on Tuesday January 27th 2015 at 6PM at The Belcourt Theater. The plan is to show the documentary The Tennessean made and then we will play an hour long set. Physical copies of the cd will be available at the show as well as digital download cards and maybe some other treats to be determined. Not to the extreme that Taylor Swift did for her friends this past  “Swiftmas”, but fun things nonetheless. The plan is also to eventually do a vinyl release with selected songs from the album (otherwise it would need to be a double album…which is too audacious even for us) and also some other merch for those of you who just can’t get enough of us. Both the vinyl release and the merch will be available for pre-order on this site. We have also partnered up with a brilliant start-up website and app called  featuring.me where users can go and download the song and the multi-tracks of the song to do their own mixes of the song creating their own version. It’s a very cool concept and very worth checking out. There are also plans shaping up to do some tour dates in 2015. Stay tuned here for those as they materialize.
So, welcome to the new site and to our new chapter in this crazy journey that started with Reese and I in my mom’s basement in 1985. We look forward to seeing you all again sometime soon or meeting you for the first time. Thanks in advance for the support and hope you enjoy what we have created.


  1. Nancy Tome Gregory

    Best wishes for added success to you and Reese! I’m glad to see a sequel to a chapter in all our lives! Looking forward to this! 🙂 xo

  2. Bradford Gulley

    Yea, I was wondering when the New Dylans were going to do a show at the Warren VFW or the Moose Club……now THAT I”d pay a nickel to go see! Congrats Jim and Reese……make your way over to Charlotte NC sometime, I’ll bring Ralph H, and we’ll enjoy the set! So far, I love the sound and hope it creates even more success than you had earlier!


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